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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Americans Elect

I wonder if the YA community thinks that this whole Americans Elect thing will actually go anywhere? I am doubtful.

For a while I thought that Jon Huntsman might end up being the AE candidate, but he was so quick to endorse Romney that it seems highly unlikely. Is there a serious person out there who would consider bucking their party in favor of an internet primary?

I am trying to come up with a few potential candidates, but am not having much luck. Maybe NYC mayor Bloomberg? I don't know. 

1 comment:

  1. Governor Buddy Roemer is already in.

    If the Republican nominee is more conservative than Romney then I expect this will get more attention as the centrists look for a candidate who is not so far from the middle. (I am not among those who believe the Dems story line that Obama is a moderate. Though I would agree that he is closer to the middle (from the left) than - say - Santorum is (from the right).)

    I signed up with AE because I think the whole idea is appealing and a possibility. It will be a massive experiment in online voting for the nominee and that will give the country a lot of information about how that would work.

    It may go big this year. But it is new, so it may not do much the first time because most people cannot imagine anything like that. They will have to see it play out before they will believe it is real. So it could be that it will not do much this year and blow the lid off in '16.

    Or maybe it will fizzle.

    But right now we have two political parties that are so certain that they are right that they put almost all of their energy into winning a governing majority and almost none of it in working for the country.