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Thursday, October 11, 2012

just a thought

I just have a brief note - not of any particular importance, but I felt like sharing.

I am a young liberal arts guy and have lots to learn about all of the fiscal mumbo-jumbo that frequently dominates the discussion here, but these two things occurred to me today:

1) After finishing college, I worked almost exclusively as a public school teacher in various settings for a few years and my salary was paid in full by the American taxpayer.

2) Now I'm a first year graduate student at a public state university. I get free tuition and a modest salary paid by both the American taxpayer and university students taking out loans.


  1. Are you thinking that you may be viewed as one of those who are dependent on the government?

  2. To an extent, yes. Although as a teacher I worked for my salary, and I was awarded my TA position based on my good academic record, it just struck me that I could reasonably be classified as dependent.


  3. I think that when Conservatives talk about dependency on the government they are not talking about folks like you. They are talking about people who just accept government support for nothing in return. They think some of these folks wouldn't get off of the "government dole" even if they could.

    As to those people who inappropriately live off of the government, I am confident of two things:
    1) such people do exist and
    2) there are not nearly as many of them as your average tea partier thinks there are.

  4. Dan, this was a very thought provoking post. As a conservative here are a few of my thoughts.

    This conservative says:

    1. A tax payer funded salary – You earned it
    2. A tax payer funded grant – They are there for a reason, go for it
    3. Unemployment from losing your job due to no fault of your own – Glad we (the tax payer) could help
    4. Unemployment and decline a job opportunity that does not suit your skills – That is the way it should work
    5. Unemployment and decline a job because it does not pay significantly more that unemployment – Its fraud and very bad
    6. Medical treatment at an ER – good in all cases with no exceptions
    7. Cash with your EBT to buy things you really need – Glad to do it
    8. Cash with your EBT to buy cigarettes or alcohol – Very bad

    IF YOU:
    1. Pay for the food with an EBT and the pay for flat screen with cash – bad
    2. Buy steak with food stamps and sell them for cash in the parking lot – bad
    3. Can still work, but finagle your way onto disability – bad
    4. Get welfare to help feed and clothe your children – glad we could help
    5. Have more children to increase your welfare allotment - bad
    6. Are on welfare and have cable TV – bad
    7. Are on welfare and have multiple cell phones with full internet service on each - bad
    8. Are on welfare and buy prepared/fast food - bad
    9. Are satisfied with the life style welfare will provide and make no attempt to get off welfare – You are the one that drives conservatives crazy

    I don’t think concern for people “abusing” the system is strictly a conservative trait and I doubt that Wayne meant for his comment to imply that is the case (Wayne can correct me if I am wrong). I don’t know how many individuals “tea partiers” think abuse the system, but I can say that I personally know of instances for every one of the items I flagged as bad in the list ABOVE and that is too many.