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Friday, January 11, 2013

squiggle signature

I'm not as worked up as some of the talking heads are about the lack of diversity among President Obama's inner circle. One thing does bug me a little bit.

Jack Lew, for example - I'm led to believe that he is a smart, capable guy. However, it doesn't sit all that well with me that he just bumbles around Washington DC from one post to the next (budget director, chief of staff, now treasury).

Are the skill sets required for each of these jobs so similar that one guy is the best our nation has? Maybe he was the world's best chief of staff, but does that necessarily translate to being the best person to run the treasury?

Perhaps it does - I'm young and only recently starting following Washington closely. I get the sense that it has always been the same cast of characters in our nation's capital...


  1. I should add that I hope he doesn't change his signature - it's awesome.


    1. These guys generally do adopt a legible signature for the money.

      I hope he does. The money is getting loopy enough as it is.

  2. Nice observation. Since the Administration recently stated that they choose personnel based on “the best candidate available” perhaps (someone thinks) Jack is a polymath. Yeah, I’m not buying that either.

    1. There is precedent for this type of thing. For instance I believe that James Baker was Chief of Staff to both Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush and also served as Treasury Secretary and Secretary of State. As far as I know he did an outstanding job in all of those capacities. Is Jack Lew on par with James Baker? I guess we'll see.