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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

KY 1

I know I said I would quit shamelessly self-promoting articles I write for another publication, but I recently published a little piece about a candidate for congress from KY 1 - a relevant district to YA. This one didn't get put online, but here is a photocopy of the printed version for anyone who feels like reading. It is also likely the last I'll time write for the newspaper for a while - too much schoolwork to do!

Fair warning: I make a joke about 50 being "super-duper old." It isn't, especially if you are my parents or me when I'm 50.


  1. Thanks for sharing Dan. I particularly like your last two paragraphs. As a super-old dude + I have seen some truth in what you say. Youthful, intelligent, energetic people learning fresh new ideas are a zealous and powerfully fertile lot. Many, if not most, of humanities greatest achievements were accomplished by people in that group (please don't make me prove that). Of course as in anything there are noticeable exceptions. Colonel Sanders was 62 when he opened his first franchise. And though his chicken has unfortunately clogged many an artery, his franchises have made many people a lot of money on which they paid a lot of taxes, making a solid contribution to the general welfare. Well, that may not be the highest level example but I think I make my point. "It takes all kinds" is a popular saying.