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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Congressional authorization

Count me among those who are confused about when exactly the President is supposed to get congressional authorization for military endeavors.

Here are some things I think I know:

President Bush got congressional authorization to go into Iraq.
President Obama did not get congressional authorization to go into Libya.
President Obama sought but did not get congressional authorization to go into Syria, so he didn't go.

Now President Obama says he doesn't need congressional authorization to go to Iraq/Syria.

Do I have my facts straight? If I do, I'm thoroughly confused.

1 comment:

  1. Those of us who voted for him need to get used to the fact that Obama does not determine these things based on any theory of the Constitution.
    He determines whether he needs Congressional approval based on whether he expects they will support his current objective or not. When he did not want to go into Syria he said he needed approval which everyone knew he could not get. This provided a rationale for not going. When he does want to then he does not need their approval.

    It is a direct repeat of his handling of the "dream act".