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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Movies and television

I'm often struck by how much violence is allowed to be shown on TV and in the movies. I have a real problem with the way that certain things are considered OK and others not.

How in the world could someone defend giving a movie a PG13 rating in spite of the fact that it shows shootings, stabbings, or other violence, while a scene with a female breast or male member exposed warrants an R rating when there is no little or no other objectionable material?

It seems backwards to me that images of murder are largely OK but scenes of a consensual sexual nature are not.


  1. I once heard an actor (I do not remember who) say something similar to the following – “If we cut off a breast we get an R rating, if we kiss it we get an X”.

  2. People recognize the enormous power of sex and it scares them into doing silly things.