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Monday, January 14, 2013

Steve Jobs 2

The question in Steve Jobs (here) seems similar to the problem:

What should an agnostic or atheist in a religious culture tell their children about god?


  1. The best I could do was “I don’t believe in God. You will have to decide for yourself”.

    I never liked that response. What I wish I had told them is “I very much lean to the scientific method and find faith based belief systems troubling”.


  2. My main point here is that I would not push (to a child - mine or not)my views which were significantly counter to those of the culture. The idea being that most people need that culture (religion or whatever) and if you push them away from it you may be depriving the child of an important life support.

    On the other hand if the child is the sort who doesn't need that support he will discover it on his own and be better off for having done so.