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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Two reactions to the Obama Scandals

It is interesting to watch the reactions to the current scandals.  Here are two examples from two people who both voted for Obama both times.  Here are their reactions to two of Obama's actions:

A.  The first is worried that Obama has lost his way and perhaps is not even up to the job.  For example with all of the tough sounding talk about Syria, he placed himself on the horns of a dilemma.  Either he gets us involved in another war or else he makes the U S President (and therefore the U S) look foolish.
B.  The second is also troubled by this.

A.  The first finds this outrageous.
B.  The other Obama supporter has reacted to this situation in a manner that seems quite different and out of character.   For example the fact that the power of the IRS has been used to single out one political philosophy (Tea Party etc.) and make it more difficult for them to function effectively in the political arena did not elicit the outrage that I expected to hear from this person.  What I did hear was:
a)    It is the IRS's job to check out such organizations,
b)    those are fascist education organizations, and
c)    the government used the IRS to get Al Capone.
All of this from an avid supporter of the ACLU -- well most of the time.

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