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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Is this lawless?

I have heard Krauthammer complain when Obama's agents change the ACA to suit their wishes.  Is that what they are doing, just changing it as they like?  But sometimes legislation inlcludes options for revision by regulators and other administration officials.  Is that true here?  If  that were the case then it would seem like administration supporters would say that and make K back off.

I give this credibility only because we do know that Obama asked Congress to pass the dream act and they refused.  He then implemented it anyway!!

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  1. WRT revision of legislation by administration officials - A good question and one that I have heard no one raise.

    Certainly there is precedence for making exceptions and practical adjustments when implementing new laws and my guess is that the ACA actually has such provisions in it.

    WRT why Jay Carney doesn’t simply come out and make that statement (if it is true) - Everyone’s concept of practical adjustments differs and some of the “adjustments” made by the Administration may be or would be perceived as crossing the border between the public perception of adjustments and changes to the law. I think they are wise to let a sleeping dog lie.

    Personally, I think most of the adjustments make in the interest of implementation are reasonable. That does not mean that I do not think that some of the adjustments have a political component, which I think they do.