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Friday, September 5, 2014


entrepreneur - a person who is willing to work 14 hours a day in order to not look for a job.


  1. The problem with writing things down is that they often sound more harsh than they were intended. If this post is intended to be a joke then it brings a smile. If it is intended to be truly disparaging (even in a back handed way) to entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial spirit then I have to object.

  2. Definitely a sympathetic comment.

    1. Definitely a noncommittal response.

    2. Definitely gentle ribbing. I love entrepreneurs. Were it not for mathematics I might have been one myself.

      It seems to me that entrepreneurs and those who engages in math or scientific research frequently do the same thing. Particularly the part about long hours to avoid the boredom of a regular job on the assembly line.

      PS. By research I mean the classical notion of trying find out something that was not known before - by anybody.
      That is a long hard risky slog, but with very joyous rewards. Now it is used make googling something sound like an achievement.