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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Campaign 1: The Ryan Choice

It is a bold choice and it changes my perspective on Romney.  Bold in that it increases the likelihood that the election will be seen as a clear choice.  That clarity wins Romney some points with me.

My main concern is the money. 
It is hard to determine from both sides massive campaign of pandering to the middle class, what (if anything) either of them has in mind with regard to this problem.

I, of course, do not believe in the Republican approach with their tax cuts and fairy dust.
But they do seem to be saying that we have to cut spending.

The Democrats do not convince me that they are even serious about the problem.
For example if they use Mediscare (as they already have, showing a Ryan look alike pushing granny off of a cliff) it will suggest that they believe that there are no serious problems there and that no reductions will be needed.
The claim that a $70 billion/yr tax on the rich will solve our financial problems (which include but are not limited to a $1400 billion/yr deficit) without resorting to taxing the middle class borders on lunacy.
So if they get elected by promising folks that we will not have to give up anything, then how will they solve the problem?

The first job of a leader is to define reality. 
I see more reality from the Rs than the Ds right now.

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