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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Trapped in his legend

For the poor unfortunates who have never lived in Texas I should tell you that in 1836 a small band (185 the song says) of American Immigrants and Mexican Natives placed themselves into an ancient mission called the Alamo and proclaimed themselves to be defenders of the Mexican Constitution of 1824 which had been overthrown by the dictator General Santa Anna.  They ended up (perhaps willy-nilly or perhaps with a line drawn in the sand) with no options except to defend it to the death against several thousand Mexicans in Santa Anna's army.  Which they did.   Among them was a legendary Tennessee frontiersman, member of Andrew Jackson's campaign against the Creek Indians, and former congressman, one Davy Crockett.

In the most recent movie retelling of this story there is a very poignant scene, before they are completely sealed into the Alamo, in which Davy Crockett contemplates his options and says: "If it was just me, simple old David from Tennessee, I might drop over that wall some night, take my chances. But that Davy Crockett feller... they're all watchin' him.

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