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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Taxes 2

  You have been hearing the elected Republican officials acknowleging that taxes will have to go up on the "rich"!  I  saw Democrat Howard Dean on TV acknowledging  that taxes will have to go up on the middle class as well!

Ezra Klein of MSNBC states clearly and plainly that, if we are going to continue providing government services at the current level, then the amount of revenue taken by the federal government is going to have to go significantly above the historical level of 18-19 percent of GDP .

He also suggested that it couldn't be collected through the income tax.

He also suggested a value added tax

My, my!

These guys (other than some of the republicans) are not the players, but perhaps they are harbingers.

Is there, in our future, a serious discussion of our fiscal situation?

PS 11PM  I am referring to what may or may not happen after the smaller fiscal cliff thing is done.

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  1. The elections of 2010 clearly indicated that the US had a significant number of citizens that wanted to seriously address spending. Post the 2012 election I see very little serious discussion of controlling spending by either party.

    Obviously the political winds can change rapidly, but perhaps, and I am not conceding this is true, but perhaps how to fund our spending habit “is” the serious discussion. Harbingers indeed.