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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Is Obama winning?

According the media the President has been beating the Republicans pretty badly for the last two years.  He recently had a bad week or two but the theme in the press has been clear the president has been winning:  "He won the election so they have to come to him."  The fact that the Republicans had also won an election - for control of the House of Representatives - seems to get overlooked.

I disagree with the notion that the president is doing so well.

I do not doubt that he won in the first two years of his first term with the AHC act.  Since then, however, the issue has been taxes.  During George Bush's eight years taxes were cut to a level which meant that the Federal Government's income was several percentage points of GDP below previous levels. The CBO estimates that if the Bush tax cuts had been allowed to expire in 2013 the government's income would have gone up by  $423 billion per year.  The part that Obama actually got from the "rich" is only about  $60 billion per year.  It would appear that Obama was unable to reverse most of that tax cut. The level of government that Obama wants will require even more taxation than the Clinton level provided and he has gotten us only a small portion of the way back to even those levels.

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