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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Voter ID 3

The Republicans need to cut out or revise their voter id campaign.

Now, I favor the requirement of a reliable voter ID to cast a ballot.  I have previously said so here see 7/25/12 - go here - and below.  But that is subject to Rule II:  Anyone who doesn't have an acceptable ID should be provided one - at government expense.

Without Rule II it is very believable that they are engaged in voter suppression.

Perhaps this should be subtitled "Things you get from the government."
All politics aside, I guess I am in favor of the following rule:

Rule I  If you  have a right to or are entitled to get something from the government, then you should be prepared to prove that you are eligible for it.  

It doesn't make me any difference whether it is a welfare check, tax "loophole", or the right to vote.
Rule II     Since voting is constitutionally fundamental it should get special treatment.  The state is obligated to provide for the cost free  acquisition of a suitable ID for the individual.  Otherwise you have overtones (if not the reality of) a poll tax.

The arguments against this (rule I) which are based on: "Poor ole granny doesn't have a picture ID." , seem silly to me. They do have an lot of emotional appeal, but they go right down the drain in the face of rule II.

PS  Since rule two would require a bit of time to implement, you can't do one of these things just before an election.


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  1. I just got an ID for my Father-in-law who has stopped driving and will no longer have a driver’s license to use as an ID. 15 minutes and $6 for life.

    I agree with both rules and would have the $6 fee waived and paid for with tax dollars. I would add that an individual that lacks transportation or other means to get the ID be provided with the necessary resources at the taxpayer’s expense.

    I do not attribute any credibility to the “burdensome” argument. I do think most opponents of voter ID honestly believe the ID requirement is burdensome, but only with a curious definition of burdensome. My friends that oppose voter ID usually put forth some rationale such as “well it may be easy for YOU to get an ID but it’s not easy for everyone”. I find this argument and similar arguments very condescending to the “everyone”, and I translate the comment as “Well, you and I may be smart enough to get an ID, but not “everyone”.