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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

"War" on pride

If you ever wonder why some conservatives believe that the democrats want to increase our dependence on the government, you might find this interesting.

The U S Dept of Agriculture is in charge of the food stamp program called SNAP and so it seeks to inform people about the program.  Or is that what you would call this:   USDA combats ‘mountain pride,’ self-reliance to boost food stamp rolls

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  1. For the record I am in favor of government assistance to anyone that needs help in meeting basic nutritional needs. I think SNAP goes far beyond basic needs and I do not approve of SNAP. But it is the law.

    That having been said, and as a conservative I have no issues with efforts by the USDA or any other group to inform all Americans of the government benefits available to them.

    In the referenced article all I find offensive is the following sentence.

    “USDA claims that eligible people who do not participate are actually harming their communities by preventing additional funds from entering their respective economies.”

    I am not claiming that the USDA statement is false; I am claiming that it is a despicable attempt to shame citizens into using SNAP.