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Friday, November 15, 2013

Ratification - The People Debate The Constitution

This book by Pauline Maier is delightful if you among those of us who can't get enough of exactly how they pulled off the creation of the American nation.  You can follow the year long debate about the Constitution as it moves from state to state and marvel at the flukes that may have been critical.  For example,  in Virginia the formidable orator Patrick Henry was opposed because he thought the new government would free the slaves.  The issue was crucial both with respect to timing and Virginia's importance  and it was very close.  When the debate came to New York almost all of the major players in the state were opposed.  The convention was two to one against ratification.  If NY had come earlier it might have all been different or at least a lot harder.  But there were already 10 states in the union by then, so the question was no longer whether to have a union but whether to join it.

I very much enjoyed the book.

It is 588 pages (of which 100 are notes) by Simon and Schuster, 2010.

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