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Friday, May 2, 2014

Republicans Controlling Congress

The idea that the Republicans will keep the House and "take" the Senate seems to be building momentum.  I don't know how credible all of the talk is.  Nate Silver is calling the Republicans a slight favorite to win the Senate and I don't think anyone seriously thinks the Democrats are going to take the House.  So this got me to thinking about how I feel about that.  How would I feel about the Republicans controlling congress?

My answer?  Meh... If the people want to give the Republicans a chance then lets do this.  Maybe then we will get to see more substance in their proposals.

1. Healthcare - In keeping with the actions of the Republican controlled House I would assume the first thing they will do is vote, in both houses, to repeal Obamacare.  They may even get a few Democrat votes.  Of course as long as Obama is in the Whitehouse it still won't get repealed.  But in the course of these actions maybe, just maybe, we will get a better idea of what the replace part of "repeal and replace" is.  I don't think I will like it but I'm willing to keep an open mind.

2. The National Debt - I would absolutely love to see some real work get done on this.  The Republicans are supposedly the party that wants to do something about the national debt, even though it is my understanding that the last Republican President oversaw increasing the national debt by about 10/17 of where it stands now.  When they have both houses of  congress maybe they can make some headway on the issue like when they controlled both houses of congress when Clinton was in office.  Obama needs that legacy.

3. The economy - There is very little for me to like about anything I've heard from Republicans about how to
to "jump start" the economy.  Of course, trying to pay down the national debt AND jump starting an ailing     economy is quite a challenge  for either party.  In spite of what I said in #2 above, the economy should take
precedence over paying down the national debt in the short term.   A lot can be accomplished with a booming economy.  I am assuming that we have the wherewithal to get the economy booming.

Those are a few thoughts.  Anyone else like to comment on what the benefits/consequences of a Republican controlled congress might be?

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