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Thursday, July 10, 2014


For an example of how silly the right can get:  

Charles Krauthammer has said that "If fences don't work, then why do we have one around the White House?"

In case it is necessary:

1.   The fence around the WH is short.
2.   It is "closed" - that is it has no ends that one could go around.
3.   It is all in constant public view.

1 comment:

  1. All valid points.

    To be effective security measures must be appropriate for the level of security desired and the physical and logical landscape involved.

    When I leave my house I lock my doors knowing full well that a locked door will not keep a thief out of my home, but I still do it. I do the same with my vehicles; again with the full knowledge that a locked car will deter only the most inept car thief.

    At the shopping mall security consists of a 70 year old retired man with no side arm. That will deter who/what?

    I suspect that most people have at one time raised the question of why border check points have any value. Can’t the evil doers just cross somewhere else?

    I will agree that Charles’ analogy was silly with the caveat that I suspect that there are “some” places on the border where fences are appropriate.