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Thursday, March 29, 2012

The healthcare mandate silliness.

This is a working example of how dishonest our nation has become.

The central question is: "Can the Federal Government force a person to buy a particular product? In this case health insurance."

We already know the answer to a similar question: "Can the Federal Government force a person to pay taxes to the Federal Govt in order for the govt to provide a particular product? In that case Medicare." The answer is yes.

So what is the problem? Why didn't they just call it a tax?

Because the entitlement programs (that were advertised by their advocates as costing much less than they do) are sliding our country into bankruptcy and the people have started to figure that out. (The response of many of them, not too clever in my mind, is to put an absolute veto on taxes.) So to get the bill passed its advocates were obligated to make all sorts of magical claims. Thirty million newly covered (no extra cost!), 500 billion taken from medicare (no loss of coverage!), finally that small extra cost would be covered by the health car tax uh mandate. Because of Obama's campaign promise and all the politicians fear of the electorate, they couldn't raise taxes!

So they just walked us into Wonderland and here we are.

Disclaimer: This is written by someone who supports national health insurance and is disgusted with our politicians.

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  1. Excellent post. A comment by someone who supports national health insurance but not the Affordable Care Act.