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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Business Experience Required to Be A Good President

Romney has made a real issue out of his business experience and how it makes him more qualified to be President? But does it really? Running a business has very little to do with running a country. A business and a government have little in common when it comes to their purposes, their goals and their objectives. So even the generally accepted accounting principles for the two are very different because the information needed to succeed is different...like night and day. Romney claims that his business experience means that he knows how to create jobs. I really don't know why that would be true. A business's success is not in any way dependent on it creating even one job. So what was he doing when he mastered this ability and knowledge? Hiring people because there is demand for your goods or services is not creating a job. The demand for the goods and services created the jobs not the business. Hiring the right people for the job is important but that is nothing like creating a job. The purpose of a business is, in short, to maximize its profits which is a far cry from creating jobs. There is no position of Vice President in charge of creating jobs. That is not a business function so no businessman will maximize profits by doing it. Therefore, there is no development of knowledge in the business world about how to create jobs. Romney may well be a better choice for President than Obama. I don't personally believe so, but I grant that I could be wrong. But if he is a better choice it won't be because he has business experience. In my experience business people get very frustrated in politics because there are too many checks and balances compared to the business world so things are harder to get done. Being successful in politics takes a whole different skill set.

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