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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Walker's run

It appears (as of now) that the recall of Wisconsin's Gov. Walker will fail, but that it will not necessarily be an endorsement of him and the Rs. Apparently surveys have shown that the people agree with a Milwaukee Sentinel editorial that it is not good to recall someone just for political reasons.  It is a refreshing editorial. They make it clear that they don't much like what he is doing, but they oppose recall on the principle above .

Since you have impeachment for criminal offences it may leave you, as it did me, a bit confused as to what the purpose of a recall statute is (if it is not to be used for political reasons).   Perhaps it is to cover the case (like this one) in which the official's party has a controlling majority of both houses and you are afraid that they wouldn't do their duty.

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  1. I can agree with the Sentinel that voters should settle political differences at the ballot box and use the recall statute for other things such as criminal misconduct. Taken to the extreme for political purposes a losing party could simply initiate a recall effort immediately after every election. The poor loser mentality.

    Of course, that is not what happened in WI. Although the voters of WI will determine the outcome of this recall election the issues is actually the national labor unions against Walker. And, while it appears that labor will lose this battle it is arguable that they have won the war. Now that recall has been established as a political solution what Governor will expose him/her self to the same risk?