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Friday, July 20, 2012

E.J.Dionne and Jon Stewart

On July 19th Stewart had E J Dionne on to talk about his new book:   "Our Divided Political Heart".  They talked about liberty and community and noted that we as a nation have always been concerned about both.  They then wondered why the tea party types are not more concerned about community type things.  

It apparently never occurred to them that the fact that the Federal Government is now spending almost one fourth of the national income on programs that are "community" type programs of helping and supporting people, might have a role to play in that.  That in fact the "community" type things are getting much more attention as it is, so that perhaps it is natural for people to be more interested in the other side of that.

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  1. “They then wondered why the tea party types are not more concerned about community type things”.

    When a conservative (not necessarily a tea party type) thinks of giving to the community they think of doing so directly with their time and money out of their pocket and historically they have donated to charity and local causes at a much greater level than liberals who prefer to do “community type things” by using tax money. We could argue about which has the most benefit to the community and which shows the most actual concern for the community, but for now I will be content with stating that I believe Dionne’s and Jon’s observations to be a false one.