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Sunday, July 22, 2012

July's Question

This will mark the beginning of a discussion topic in the form of a question of the month series.
If you have a suggestion send it to diogenes@twc.com.
The first is from Honoria.

If you could make one change in the US Constitution, what would it be?

Specifications:  This means today not at the origin or in 1865.


  1. This is not very profound, but I will go with a balanced budget requirement.

    1. With the need to borry money in wartime in mind, exactly how would you write it?

    2. I would imagine an exception to the “balanced” requirement in times of war or some mechanism for suspension of the rule in extreme cases of emergency. I believe Germany, Spain, Italy, and a few other countries have balanced budget requirements (BBR). Perhaps we could learn a lesson from their experience. Considering Spain’s current fiscal state a BBR is obviously not a magic bullet. And considering our current national debt neither is a “debt ceiling”.

      Your question is a good one in that it raises the issue of defining a balance budget (or for that matter a budget). Since my concept of “budget” and “balanced” budget does not exclude borrowing I suspect that would require a much longer post. Especially since you asked for an exact answer.