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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Why Conservatives Are Happier Than Liberals?

To find out follow this link that comes to us from KW.


  1. The article begins with a list of attributes that (supposedly) conservatives possess. Of those listed I will admit to an “intolerance of ambiguity”.

  2. Another factor might be that Conservatives are not as interested in politics as Liberals are.

    In any case it is clear why the moderates are the least happy. Each group (Conservatives and Liberals) confidently clings to their own mythology and despairs over the fact that the opposition so foolishly clings to theirs.

    The poor moderate has to deal with both mythologies.

  3. As has been mentioned on this blog previously “perception” is as, or perhaps more, important that reality. One possible perception that a person or group can have is that they are a victim of society. I suggest that those who perceive themselves as “victims” would, in general, be less happy with life than those who perceive they have a reasonable amount of control.

    The list of attributes that the author suggests conservatives have includes this one: “uncomfortable with complex modes of thinking”. That may be true because I don’t understand the comment. Can someone on this blog offer an explanation/example?

  4. I wiil try Tom.

    Example: The general conservative trait of distrust, and even disdain, of science...especially when science offers explanations that are economically inconvenient or perceived to contradict their religious beliefs. There seems to be a conservative misconception that science and research & development are the same and should only be used merely to create great products to sell, and military purposes.

    Example: The general conservative trait of dismissiveness of the arts as frivilous.

    It is my understanding that art and science represent our highest levels of complex thought.

    1. Yeah, I have some friends that have the very traits you mention above. I don’t, however, consider those traits you mention as the definition of conservatives so I suspect we would have to have a discussion on definitions to continue that line of thought.

      Getting back to the comment that conservatives (using anyone’s definition) are “uncomfortable with complex modes of thinking” strikes me as condescending with a hint of (smacks of) elitism and lends credibility to the old saying “The problem with conservatives is that they always think they are right, the problem with liberals is that they always know they are right.

    2. Tom, I suspected you would find the comment you questioned to be elitist in nature based on our previous exchanges on the subject. I was offering my perception of what the author meant, knowing that you had already formed your opinion. Please note that I did use the word "general". I agree with you that it smacks of elitism, much like the recent "study" showing that people with lower IQs and less education tend to become conservatives in adulthood. But just as there are plenty of liberals who lend credence to the picture of the unemployed lazy freeloading drug-abusing socialist communist, there is no shortage of Conservatives who lend credence to the "uncomfortable with complex modes of thinking" description. Just as you would not include that in the definition of conservative, I would not consider "feeling like a victim" to be included in the definition of liberal.

      I have been considering a post on fundamental differences between conservatives and liberals as I have not been satisfied with any that I have seen so far and we do throw the terms around as if the meanings are clear to all when in fact I believe there is disagreement which inhibits communication.

  5. On the other hand, free-market capitalism -- an alleged domain of conservatives -- is certainly complex. And, in my view, astute religious observance requires wrestling with complexities. I say this based on my close friendship with many conservative Christians over the years. (Full disclosure: I'm a product of a fundamentalist Baptist church-school for K-12 and a graduate of Jerry Falwell's Liberty University.)

  6. Here's a possible explanation for why moderates are less happy than political extremists:

    Moderates are likelier than extremists to subscribe to the maxim, moderation in all things. It follows that moderates are probably moderate in their consumption of booze, that happy elixir. Therein lies the problem?

    1. Dean Martin used to say: "I drink moderately. In fact I've got a case of ole Moderately in the car right now."

  7. Rob, I myself am more moderate on some occasions than others. Thanks for the chuckle.