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Thursday, September 6, 2012

In the opinion of the Chair

Whether “Jerusalem” is in the Democrat Party platform or not is, in my opinion, a trivial issue.  However the Rs made it a major media  issue and it would seem that the negative press caused the Ds to put it back in so everyone could simply move on to more important issues.

When LA mayor Antonio Villaraigosa came to the floor to take a voice vote reinstating “Jerusalem” in the Party platform the crowd present in the convention center at the time did not cooperate.  The “yeas” and “nays” seems pretty equal (the video to YouTube) and well short of the 2/3 vote required.

After Mayor Villaraigosa called for a vote for the 3rd time he finally ended the awkward episode by stating that “In the Opinion of the Chair” the 2/3 majority vote had been received.

I really don’t think he wanted to utter the words.  It was one of those situations in which no matter what you do next it will be wrong.

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