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Friday, September 14, 2012

Three thoughts on the current Islamic unrest

I expect the Islamic demonstrations to settle down after a few days.  I expect that Obama very much hopes that they do.  If they continue too long it would reinforce the Republican idea that this represents the collapse of the Obama foreign policy.  I would not see it that way even if it went on for several weeks.

Incidentally, the fact that we have free speech does not mean either of the following:
a)  that we should expect a people recently freed from dictatorship to understand-adopt free speech or
b)  that it is our job to convince them that they should go for free speech too or 
c)  that their passion against it should limit our free speech.

I watched several newshows on Wednesday about  Romney’s remarks and the situation in the Islamic world.   It reminded me that if Romney thought that he was going to get fair treatment by the media, then he is definitely not smart enough to be president.

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  1. Foreign Policy – I would agree that the current events in the Middle East do not represent the collapse of the Obama foreign policy. I do think that it (the current events) indicates that US foreign policy in the Middle East is not(and has possibly never been)the problem.