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Monday, March 31, 2014

Common Core

Here is a video on Common Core. http://commoncoremovie.com/   It is not flattering. That matches the tone of most of the articles I have recently read on the subject.  In addition I have seen an example of a math problem (seemingly a simple subtraction problem) from CC that involved, what was to me, an incomprehensible number line solution.   

Still I am not swayed to take a side, either side.  Thoughts from the group!

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  1. Here are my largely uninformed thoughts - perhaps they are relevant. I've read close to nothing about Common Core.

    I taught at public high schools for a while and private high school for a time. I was always fortunate to have a good deal of ownership and flexibility about what I taught. I'm currently in a teaching situation where I have much more structure and not as much agency...it can be frustrating.

    I also know that some teachers are very bad (I was when I started, but think I am less bad now), and I doubt that the people putting these standards together are morons. So, I'm with Tom - not taking a side.