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Monday, October 22, 2012

The last debate

I think that Obama looked a little better.
But Romney achieved his primary objective of looking credible and not dangerous.  Therefore the viewers can "quit worrying about what he might do overseas and focus on who they want for domestic issues".

You can go to this fact check by the National Journal whose credibility I do not know but it seemed pretty reasonable.

Maybe I imagined the following because no TV people (that I saw-corrected on10-23)mentioned it.  At about 80 minutes into the debate, Romney was discussing what he had really said about the auto bailout.  There seemed to be a certain desperation in his voice and face which was a bit startling.  I took that to reflect the importance of that question to Ohio voters.  However, when I went back to look at it again it did not look so noticeable and the above mentioned fact checkers did not call him for what he was saying.

MSNBC tells me that Romney cannot be relied on to do what he says he will do.
Both candidates are pandering like crazy to the middle class.
Both candidates are guaranteeing that there will be no tax increases for the middle class.
I believe that there must be a tax on the middle class.
Does this mean that I should vote for Romney?


  1. Chuck Todd on NBC called out the same moment you noticed re auto bailout. Desperation was not the word he used, but his characterization of it was similar.

    1. See "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt" here on Oct 24.

  2. I will give Obama the edge. The breast cancer arm bracelet was a subtle touch.

  3. "will not happen"

    I thought Obama's comment on the sequester was the most important takeaway from the debate.

  4. I will agree with Wayne that there must (if we wish to create a sustainable fiscal scenario) be a tax increase on the middle class. In that regard I have 2 observations/opinions:
    1. I seriously doubt that any candidate advocating a tax increase on the middle class would get elected and
    2. A year ago many were proclaiming America’s decline due to a disappearing middle class. When (and perhaps why) did that argument disappear?