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Friday, November 30, 2012


This was a very nice movie.  I will leave a real review to others.

I want to disagree with this reviewer who says:

First, in an attempt to set the stage for his audience, Affleck begins the film with a two-minute rough sketch of Iranian history. Presenting centuries of Iranian history in two minutes is of course an impossible task, and the result is grossly oversimplified and ultimately falls short of providing the viewer with much-needed context for the events about to unfold. ...

I agree that the intro was brief.  But I thought it did a very good job of pointing out to an American audience a number of important things about the history of the region that they really ought to know. About how Europe and then America involved themselves there in a very heavy handed way.  I thought that it was done very well.

I think the reviewer has not calculated how short the American attention span is when they are having an example pointed out to them of an occasion when their actions fell somewhat short of their ideals.  It is also noteworthy that, in this case, they came to be entertained and probably would not have responded in a friendly way to an extended criticism.  Perhaps Afleck had to weigh things that were of no concern to the reviewer.

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