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Sunday, November 18, 2012

What should the republicans do? a

Governor Romney has, since the election, complained that Obama gave stuff to people to win the election and that the Rs were beat up by the media.

I have some thoughts on these remarks.

I’ll take the short answer first.  Any Republican who doesn’t know ahead of time that 90% of the media is against him is not smart enough to be president, anyway. 

On this giving stuff away, well I thought we all knew that there are two parties.  One of them claims to want to grow the federal government and the other claims to want to shrink the federal government.  It does not take a political wizard to realize that (in our case) the party that wants to grow the government is in favor of that larger government doing things for people.  But if your program doesn’t involve something more than pointing that out, then maybe you should get out of politics.  Which Romney will. 

Most republican leaders are chastising Romney for those remarks.  They’d better.  Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal said that if you want people to like you then you’ve got to like them.  While acknowledging that some people will game the welfare system Lindsay Graham said, “ Most people on public assistance don’t have a character flaw, they just have a tough life.”

And as I said on Nov. 8 what I think the Rs should do is:

1.  Accept that certain things are history and no longer negotiable.  Among these things are gay rights and women’s reproductive issues.  If you keep these items on the menu, then guess who's not coming to dinner.  Leave any  discussions about rape to the women in your caucus.

2.  Push hard to resolve the immigration issue.  Give up whatever you have to for the short term to get a rational long term solution.

3.  Continue and increase your outreach to minorities.

4.  (added 11-15)  Quit appearing to be the advocates of the rich.

I wish you success because the country needs at least two vibrant political parties.

1 comment:

  1. As a fiscal conservative I am not disappointed that Romney is not President. As a fiscal conservative I am disappointed that Obama is.

    My view of where America should go lost. Rather convincingly. As a strong believer in Democracy I am very much in the mood to follow the will of the people and let the Ds have much of what they want. I do not identify as an R, but perhaps (as Wayne suggests) the Rs should do the same.