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Friday, November 2, 2012

Life at the Round Table

I once knew a fellow named Chip Hallinan.  From time to time he lived in Commerce, TX a small town about 50 miles NE of Dallas, Texas.   I did not know him well, he was a friend of a friend.

I spent some time there in the summer of 1971 playing chess in the Round Table Café.  One day Chip was in the café looking for a ride.  His car was broken and he desperately wanted to get to Dallas.  He was asking all comers – Are you going to Dallas?  -- Do you know anyone who is going to Dallas? -- Do you know anyone who might be willing to go to Dallas?

Sometime later a group of very religious types wearing robes and the whole nine yards came in.  They looked like disciples who were going to break into chants at any minute.  Chip didn't bother with them since they did not look like good prospects for a ride to Dallas.  They began their rounds seeking converts and when they got to Chip the conversation went like this:

Disciple:   “Don’t you want to know Jesus?”

Chip:     “Not unless he’s goin’ to Dallas.” 

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