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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Bush 43's legacy

The opening of the Bush 43 library has brought him back into the spotlight.  George W. Bush says that he is satisfied to have his presidency be judged by history.  (Not that he has any choice in the matter.)

I have noticed an interesting characteristic from some people on TV and from personal friends in the liberal reaction to Bush's attitude.  They find it amusing and irritating.

They find it amusing because they know that history's judgment is going to be negative and they find it odd that he seems to believe that it might be more positive than the present judgment. That I don't mind.  It is a difference of opinion.

But they also find it irritating.  I think that it is because they are so certain that they are right that they actually expect him to agree with them!  After all everybody they talk to thinks that Bush 43 was a disaster, how can he not know that that is what he was?  How can he have the temerity to disagree when they have told him what history's judgment is going to be.  It's insulting.

I think that you ought to cut a little slack to the people who are the first to deal with a new situation.  This whole terrorism thing is new.  The best way to deal with it is not yet clear even during the term of our second guy to deal with it.  Obama's targeted assasinations might eventually raise as many eyebrows as Bush's waterboarding has. There are some very large open questions out there about how to deal with this thing.  I believe that those who think that they already know what the final judgment is going to be are about as stupid as they claim that they think George Bush is.

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