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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Boston Massacre 2013

Yesterday a bomb explded at the Boston Marathon killing several people and injuring many others.  It is, of course, very sad and your heart goes out to the people who are affected.

Soon enough one gets to the question:  What should we do about this kind of thing?

Obviously we should do what we can within the constraints of the rule of law.  However, I think that we can not prevent all such things and we have to accept the fact that this sort of thing is going to become, like car accidents, a regular sort of tragedy.

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  1. We can accept for now, but we need not acquiesce. We can, and in my opinion should, retain a goal for a future where this sort of thing is not common place. So for now all we “have to accept” is that a gap exists between today’s reality and a better tomorrow, which we can (if we really want to) cause to happen.