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Monday, May 13, 2013

Benghazi 4

The media has found Benghazi with a vengeance.

I noticed that the people who explained why no help was sent, talked a lot about the fact that it only lasted 7 hours and it would have taken the military longer than that to get there.

None of our illustrative reporters asked:  "Did you know at the beginning that it would only last seven hours?"


  1. In a previous post (October 22nd ) I stated that I could accept attributing the denial of security requests prior to the attach and the lack of a stronger response during the attack to poor judgment. At this point I will add that I feel the decision makers in place at the time were not suited to their assigned responsibilities and should not remain in the same position or be considered for a similar position in the future.

    I am not aware of any remedial action that has been taken regarding personnel mis-assignment.

  2. A quote from Howard Dean

    “There are no serious questions being asked about Benghazi, none…It’s totally made up nonsense. It’s totally clear what happened in Benghazi. It’s ridiculous,”

    Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/joe-newby/2013/05/22/howard-dean-dismisses-benghazi-scandal-laughable-joke#ixzz2U3NkraWW