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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Curris and Dunn

For those interested  in local Murray News:

An article in the Murray State News on Thursday last compares the moves against President Curris in the eighties and the current nonrenewal of President Dunn's contract.

The following comment was appended:

While there are some similarities in the cases of Presidents Curris and Dunn there is a very large difference that the author of this article passes over lightly and there is a timeline question about the actions against Dr. Curris.

The current action by the board is one of not extending Dunn’s contract beyond its current end which I believe is on June 30, 2014.  However, there were two occasions on which the board moved to end Curris’s time as president.  If the second one (in 1982) were the only attempt, then that case would, as you have suggested, be similar to this one because the board decided to replace Curris at the end of his contract on June 30, 1983.

However, in this article, there seems to be some confusion between the second move against Curris (1982) with the first, which occurred in February of 1981.   It was on that first occasion that the charges were brought and the courts became involved.  In the 1981 action, the board was not simply trying to let a contract run out.  Their objective was to break Curris’s contract, which had almost 2 ½ years remaining, and remove him immediately.  That is quite a different thing than letting a contract run out.  That is why the action required charges and that is why it resulted in such a huge fight.  Curris won that stage of the fight. 


Wayne C. Bell, Faculty Senate President, 1982-83

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