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Thursday, December 30, 2010

NPR again

I routinely listen to and support NPR. How much longer I'm not sure.

They are supported by public funds as well. It seems to me that they should, therefore, be politically unaligned.

The other night I saw Garrison Keillor on TV explaining that about half of all Republicans were racists.

Fifteen months ago he offered this jewel: "... one starts to wonder if the country wouldn't be better off without them and if Republicans should be cut out of the health-care system entirely and simply provided with aspirin and hand sanitizer. Thirty-two percent of the population identifies with the GOP, and if we cut off health care to them, we could probably pay off the deficit in short order."

That is taken out of the following context.

You can hear him on NPR.

You can hear Nina Totenberg there, too, (she imagined the grandchildren of one of her Republican targets getting aids.) See "equal treatment" on 10-22 and 10-24-10.

But you can't hear Juan Williams there. His crime was to say that seeing Muslim appearing people in airports made him nervous.
Clearly much more inappropriate that either of the other two.

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