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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2012 Candidates - March 2011

2012 Candidates - Monthly update
Here are some possible candidates for the major party nominations for president in 2012.
The numbers in parentheses are my wild guesses about the percentage chance that each of them has, at this point, of getting the nomination.
My principal reaction to each is listed afterword. If you will point out stuff to me I can improve this description over time.

Obama (99) I would consider him.

Mitt Romney (26) I would consider him. He has a flip flop problem in some quarters. The Romney health plan in MA is similar to Obama’s national plan. Some say that it is therefore a contradiction for Romney to oppose Obamacare is. I think not, since a state does not have the same limitations on it that the Federal Government does – i.e. enumerated powers. (Yes, I do know that references to the Constitution are sooooo old fashioned.)
Mike Huckabee (21) - Fails the YAMSLT*.
Sarah Palin (21) - A lightweight. Fails the YAMSLT.
Mitch Daniels (16) - I would consider him. Very straight forward.
Tim Pawlenty (8) - I would consider him.
Newt Gingrich (4) - I would have considered him.
……… I do not like his position on Park 51 – not only that they should not, but that Muslims do NOT even have the right to, build there.
Rick Santorum (1) former PA Senator - Too far right for me. Fails the YAMSLT.
Bobby Jindal (1) Fails the YAMSLT.
Jim Demint (1) - Too far right for me
Jon Huntsman (1)
Haley Barbour (0) -probably self removed by his citizens council remarks.

John Thune -Says he’s not running.
Mike Pence – Says he’s not running.
Chris Christie – Says he’s not running. I would consider him.

Q.1. If the budget for program X has a built in annual bump up of 11% per year and you reduce that bump up by 3% so that the budget for program X actually grows by only 8%, then the change in the amount spent for program X is most accurately labeled as:
a) an 8% decrease, b) a 3% decrease, c) a 24% decrease, or d) an 8% increase.

Q.2. Can we eliminate the deficit by making a modest increase in the tax rate for those in the top 1 percent of income earners?

Q.3. Do you believe in Evolution?

Q.4. Do you oppose teaching mythology in science class?

Desired answers: 1. d, 2. no 3. Yes, 4. Yes .

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