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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Libya 4

On March 2 I said here:
"... this seems quite different from Yugoslavia during the Clinton administration. The Europeans appear to be stepping up a lot more here than they did then. I think that it is a good sign that others are doing something instead of talking about what we should do.

I do think that we should participate in the world's dealing with these kinds of things. But it should be by doing our fair share within the appropriate international organization. That is a much better way to deal with things like this than to have unilateral intervention by the US."

It appears that this is what we are doing and I believe that it is a much better way to do things. It also, quite appropriately, includes support (hopefully with money attached) from the Arab League.
It is slower than would have been desired, but you don't want the World's war machines to go into action too quickly. Perhaps that can be safely improved with experience.

One more thing. We are involving ourselves in Libya this little and this late, at least in part because we are already involved in two wars in the Middle East. One should be careful about getting into these small wars because you can never be sure of what may be coming down the pike. That is one more argument against having gone into Iraq.

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