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Monday, March 14, 2011

sclerotic government

Our government was constructed to handle what was a cross between a confederation and a nation. It was designed to move slowly in a world where very little was expected from government. Therefore it was given very little money.

We long ago gave up the confederation part of that mixture and became, more or less, a nation. Governments, here and around the world, are now expected to do much more for the people, and do it quickly, than they once were. Our American governments are now spending 40+ percent of GDP.

Is it possible we should review how we are doing things?

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  1. “Bullying”, an event once addressed at the playground level, was addressed by the White House last week. I think the impetus to look at “bullying” at the federal level was well meaning and well intended. I also think it is inappropriate and wrongheaded.

    I vote yes on reexamining what we push to the Federal level and to be a little defensive I vote yes on reexamining what “things” we allow the Federal Government to assume.