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Friday, January 20, 2012

South Carolina

It appears that Newton Leroy Gingrich will win in SC.

If you do not believe that "the people" are disgusted with "the media" you should find a replay of the opening of 1/19/12 debate and watch it.

If you didn't see it. As the first question John King asked Gingrich about the fact that his second wife had said the day before that Newt had asked her to agree to an open marriage allowing him to continue his affair with the woman who would become his third wife.

Gingrich unloaded on King, the question, and the media. The crowd roared their approval.

More amazing was the fact that King was not willing to defend his question! Which confirmed for the crowd that Gingrich was right.

To win, Romney will need to stay calm until the race moves to an area that is not quite so retro as South Carolina.

I bet you didn't mind my saying Newton Leroy Gingrich.
Would you feel the same about it if I had said Barack Hussein Obama?


  1. Yeah, the use of the middle name is usually reserved for bad people such as John Wilkes Booth, or Lee Harvey Oswald, or, as I recall, if I heard my middle name from my mother I knew I was in trouble.

    However, I suspect that Newt would not be offended by the use of his middle name, the left would object to the use of “Hussein” and SC would object to the “retro” label.

  2. .
    I understand that during the first year after they had hired him as a assistant professor, West Georgia College had an opening for the position of President of the University. Gingrich applied. They had the good sense to not hire him. Will we?