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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bill Gates on the world

Try this for an interesting article in which Gates offers his thoughts on the world's problems.  Here is a sample quote:  "despite innovation in measuring teacher performance world-wide, more than 90% of educators in the U.S. still get zero feedback on how to improve."

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  1. What’s not to agree with?

    Feedback systems are a way of life in the private sector. Perhaps less so in the public sector which I assume is Bill’s point since most of his examples are public sector references. I see the problem as how to incentivize the public sector to improve (through the use of feedback).

    Since a quote on education has been singled out let me pose a question directed at educators K-12. Historically this group has resisted any evaluation system based on performance of their students. This group also has a strong union and I not aware of any proposed grading or ranking system that the unions have found acceptable.

    A grading system is a feedback tool, but all feedback systems need not be grading systems. I am aware that some of the readers of this blog are educators, so what might be some suggestions for feedback systems for K-12 educators that would be acceptable to the group and their Unions?