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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Rubio's Response

Rubio gave a good response to the State of the Union with at least one point that was brilliant.

His message was clear and articulate, it dealt with the problems that the Dems refuse to deal with (eg. fiscal responsibility), it was different from the 2012 campaign, and it was in English and Spanish.

Of course he recognized that in order to get serious media attention he would have to include something for them to ridicule. The brilliancy was to hit on something to serve that purpose which would, simultaneously, delight the media and other democrats while appearing to the rest of us as being totally normal for that situation.

For those who didn't see Marco Rubio give his speech you may have heard that, right in the middle of it, (gasp) he took a drink of water!!!

Wolf Blitzer is already calling it Watergate.


Wolf Blitzer said that some people are already calling it Watergate.

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