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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Diamonds and Rust

A beautiful love song from Joan Baez to Bob Dylan.

Diamonds and Rust

Well I'll be damnedHere comes your ghost againBut that's not unusualIt's just that the moon is fullAnd you happened to call
And here I sit, hand on the telephoneHearing a voice I'd known
A couple of light years agoHeading straight for a fall
As I remember your eyesWere bluer than robin's eggs"My poetry was lousy", you saidWhere are you calling from?A booth in the Midwest
Thirty years agoI bought you some cuff linksYou brought me somethingAnd we both know what memories can bringThey bring diamonds and rust
You burst on the sceneAlready a legendThe unwashed phenomenonThe original vagabondYou strayed into my arms
And there you stayedTemporarily lost at seaThe Madonna was yours for freeYes the girl on the half-shellWould keep you unharmed
Now I see you standingWith brown leaves falling aroundAn' snow in your hairNow you're smiling out the windowOf that crummy hotel over Washington Square
Our breath comes out white cloudsMingles and hangs in the airSpeaking strictly for meWe both could have died then and there
Now you're telling meYou're not nostalgicThen give me another word for itYou, who are so good with wordsAnd at keeping things vague
'Cause I need some of that vagueness nowIt's all come back too clearlyI once loved you dearlyAnd if you're offering me diamonds and rustI've already paid.

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