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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

2011 State of the Union

Well what I hear from the media suggests that I am not going to be happy with the SOTU. The focus will be on jobs, jobs, ... (repeat till you get tired) and will not focus on some of the things that would solve some other problems as well.

Two examples:
Even if Keynesian economics does require that we don't raise taxes right now, we could deal with some of the long term debt issues surrounding SS and Medicare.
That would have the immediate benefit of improving our financial credibility.

A serious approach to the immigration problem that would very simply require proof of legal status to be employed, enforced by severe penalties on the employers who violate it, which would require a reliable Government database that the employer could check. This would have to be combined with a serious work visa program which would allow immigrants in to do those jobs that really are jobs that "Americans won't do."
The immediate impact of that would be many of the illegal immigrants would self deport and free up some jobs. If you believe that all of the illegal immigrants are doing jobs that Americans would not take, then ask someone in the construction industry. It would also reduce downward pressure on wages.

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