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Thursday, January 13, 2011

a centrist's view - 4

In response to an invitation (See comments following my Jan. 11 post.) to identify the nature of the political spectrum, I offer the following as my first try to answer that question. This is how I look at people, place them, and evaluate what they say. It is partly based on the kinds of positions they will take and partly on the way I expect them to approach a question. (Sorry, there is some overlap between this and centrist - 3.)
Of course a model can never be a perfect representation but here it is.


LWN and RWN are the left and right wing nuts. They are committed to their perspectives and cannot be relied on to care about what is true and what is not.
LWP and RWP are the left and right wing partisans (or propagandist). They approach questions like an attorney would for their side. They (may) have respect for the truth but they are, primarily, committed to winning the argument.
LWF and RWF are the left and right wing folks. They arrive at most questions with a predisposition toward one side but are susceptible to reason.
CF are the ones in the middle who may be there because they have not developed many positions or because some of their positions lean one way and some lean another. They are also susceptible to reason. The requested examples are listed below.

Olberman---Paul Begala---Evan Bayh --- Ben Nelson & Scott Brown(?) --- Lindsey Graham --- Karl Rove --- Limbaugh

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