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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hou Yifan, Chess Champion

Hou Yifan, a 16 year old from China, has just won the Women's World Chess Championship to become the youngest person to ever win a world title that was open to all ages.

Kristof has a story about this.

She is among the 19 people who have achieved the highest chess title of Grandmaster before the age of 15.

This is also noteworthy in that the Chinese are essentially playing a "foreign game" since world chess is significantly different from the traditional Chinese Chess.

Whether Ms. Hou will exceed the achievements of Hungarian Judit Polgar, who has for 20 years been the strongest woman player in the world, remains to be seen. Ms. Polgar is the only woman on FIDE's top 100 players list and has been ranked as high as 8th in the past. Judit Polgar does not play in women's only events.

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