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Sunday, January 16, 2011

a Texas story

In the main foyer in Love Field Airport in Dallas, Texas there is a statue of a Texas Ranger. The Rangers served as a sort of cross between an army and the state police. There was an inscription at the base of the statue that comes from the following apocryphal story.

It seems that there was a riot in Odessa or someplace. It was in the telegraph days and they sent a wire for the Texas Rangers to come.
The wire came back and it said, "On the way. Meet the 6 oclock train."
The Mayor, Sheriff, and Police Chief met the train and when they saw their first ranger the following conversation ensued.
Ranger: "Howdy."
Mayor:"How many of you are there?"
Ranger: "Just me."
Sheriff: "They only sent one ranger?"
Ranger: "You only got one riot, don't you?"

The inscription on the statue said: "One riot, one ranger."
I think that it is still there. It is probably just as well that it did not get moved over to DFW.

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