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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The charlatans' response to the Tucson tragedy

George Will's column today.


  1. Good article by George. This morning I admit to being fascinated with how various and diverse authors have interpreted the AZ shooting. Many of the articles I have read this morning clearly group tea partiers with the far right and some group tea partiers with the lunatic far right.

    Open question to readers of this blog. Are tea partiers a far right group?

  2. What does the term "far right group" mean? Is there such a thing as a "far left group"?

  3. I will rephrase. Are the tea partiers, as a group, on the political far right?

  4. I understood that we were talking about politics. I don't understand what it means to be "lunatic far right," "far right," or "normal amount right." Similarly I wonder if there is a "lunatic far left," "far left," and "normal amount left." And I couldn't even begin applying these labels to particular individuals or groups, absent some definitions and examples.

  5. I will try to put my answer to this question in a new post in the morning.

  6. The partiers, and any group for that matter, are where they are politically regardless of how they are perceived. It is the scale that varies based on perception. Where they fit on your scale IS my question.

  7. The TPs have, by who they supported in the last election, indicated that they mainly lean to the right side. But I think they run all the way from the center left to the right.
    My understanding is that their primary concern, which I share, is fiscal responsibility. But I think that they believe (frequently) that it can be done by just cutting a few things that they don't like. I think it will require cutting some things that they do like and raising taxes.