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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Congressional pay

I believe that MCs (Members of Congress) should be paid more than they are now. Quite a bit more.
1. The reason that people get upset about their pay is because they compare it to the average worker’s pay in this country. But MCs are by no means taking on average responsibility. This is a purely emotional argument.
2. They are 1/535 of the legislative branch of the government. They are responsible for a budget of roughly 2.675 trillion dollars. That is an average of 5 billion dollars each! So they should be paid on the order of what a CEO of a  corporation with and annual budget of 5 billion dollars is paid!!
3. If they are well paid then there would be much less reason for them to steal or sell their souls. Or for the more honest ones to quit so they can make enough money to send their kids to college.

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